MC 51 – Controller

The newly developed component can be incorporated seamlessly into existing fixtures, and all systems can be retrofitted without any external changes. The basic function: The MC 51 controller transforms radio pulses into a DALI signal, which the operating device uses to control the lighting unit. Communication with the MC 51 nodes originates from a server and includes the central interface (gateway MC 22) of the lighting system. We furnish a graphical, web-based user interface for the control system.

Adaptive, intelligent lighting through sensors
There is another feature of the new light-management system that fulfills the demand for custom-tailored, variable solutions: the data and control commands can also be received from sensors. You can communicate with the luminaire directly, using the nodes, or affect the control system from the outside via a server and gateway. This generates intelligent, adaptive systems.

Comprehensive expertise in Smart Lighting
From Smart Lighting to Smart City: The inclusion of sensors makes it possible to identify patterns of traffic and usage. ewo’s lighting solutions are thus ideal for modern infrastructure projects that are geared towards high efficiency and demand. Offering expertise and experience, ewo delivers solutions for all components of future-oriented lighting systems: Luminaires for high standards of materials and aesthetics, an efficient, modular and long-lasting LED lighting unit, and reliable and intelligent sensors and control system.

Product Data Sheet: PDF (200 KB)

Gateway MC 22
Application examples: Munich Airport