Square design, Castelrotto [I]

In the course of redesigning a central public area at Castelrotto in Italy, architect Hannes Mahlknecht is using a targeted way to also provide night-time illumination.

In this case, the plan is supported by a lighting system that provides an optimal adaptation to the project-specific requirements. The luminaires feature various lighting units, thus generating predefined light colour, light intensity and light distribution to the respective areas of the project.

The design of the luminaires as well as the lighting technology upon which they are based is uniform and the various parameters are exclusively regulated by the respective configuration of the lighting units in use.

In this way a simple, formal and technically-consistent solution generates a large number of various lighting scenarios that the architect Mahlknecht arranges into a harmonious overall setting.

Detailed information about the light technology:
Lighting unit DP 31 (Illumination of outside areas)
Lighting unit DF 31 (Illumination of pedestrian areas)

Detailed information about the lighting systems in use:
FA, ewo

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