From LED selection to series production

Our Expertise

We accompany you throughout the entire project, starting from LED selection and target definition to optic design and implementation up to manufacturing and assembly. To carry out both optical and thermal simulations of the most complex assemblies, we use state-of-the-art software.

We support you with innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Our developments are utilized for applications across various industries—particularly, our expertise lies in the development of illumination opticss based on freeform surfaces. This technology enables us to realize custom light distributions with low costs and high optical efficiencies in the smallest possible footprint.

Moreover, we are the right partner when it comes to color mixing—whether it’s colored RGB(W) applications or dynamic tunable-white applications where color uniformity must meet the highest standards. Additionally, we can tailor, optimize, and bring to production complex light guide systems, as well as spot lenses with TIR (Total Internal Reflection) technology that impress with highest efficiency and maximum luminous intensity.

Development of Lighting Optics

cor light is your optimal partner for the development of illumination optics. With the help of state-of-the-art optical ray tracing software and innovative methods, we accompany you through the entire development process—from defining your goals, to conceiving and developing your customized lighting solution, to prototyping, and finally to realizing an industrially manufacturable product.

Whether your priority is energy efficiency, aesthetics, or cost-effective manufacturing, we leverage our expertise to achieve your goals and meet your requirements satisfactorily. Our expertise spans various optical concepts, including freeform lenses, TIR lenses, light guides, reflectors, and more. We draw from this wealth of knowledge to pursue the best approach for your project.

Additionally, we are capable of assisting you in selecting the appropriate light sources to find the optimal approach for your specific application. We place great emphasis on open communication and creating realistic expectations, with our main goal being to satisfy our customers at every step of the project. Trust cor light to develop innovative lighting optics tailored to your application.

Precise Development of Freeform Optics

The calculation of freeform optics is a remarkable expertise of cor light. Thanks to specialized calculation methods, we are able to develop extremely precise geometries that are accurately tailored to applications in lighting or sensing. cor light enables the use of these geometries both as reflectors and as lenses. The result is exceptional light distributions customized to the application.

Our extensive experience and close collaboration with various manufacturers enable us to incorporate manufacturing possibilities into the design of optical components. This way, we develop economically producible optical components that meet the highest standards of precision and efficiency.

cor light values the importance of realistic expectations and open communication. Our expertise in the precise development of freeform optics allows us to offer tailored solutions that not only impress technically but are also economically efficient and perfectly matched to the requirements of your application. Trust cor light to develop innovative, highly precise freeform optics and to successfully implement your optical projects.

Design of Color Mixing Systems

At cor light, our passion lies in creating unique lighting solutions. In many areas such as architecture, events, and stage lighting, harnessing the power of color can transform the environment into a captivating spectrum of visual experiences. Color mixing is one of our core competencies, and thanks to the latest color-resolved optical simulation methods, we can develop innovative dynamic RGBW or dynamic white applications for you.

Our experts understand the importance of color uniformity in lighting. We know that uneven color mixing can lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, we rely on optical color mixing systems that elevate color precision to a new level. With our technology, you can be confident that your illumination always delivers the desired color quality.

The spectrum of technical possibilities for color mixing ranges from the use of highly efficient optical light guides made of glass or optical plastics to the application of special color-mixing optical textures, to the use of volume-scattering optical components.

Customized Light Guide Solutions

Light guides are indispensable in numerous applications, whether in lighting technology, sensors, or other optical systems. Particularly in lighting applications, light guides are suitable concepts when it comes to color mixing or the widespread distribution of light. cor light goes beyond the development of light guides as efficient transmission media and enables the use of these components as design elements as well.

Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of light guide types and light guide materials, including light mixing rods and light guide plates. By selectively applying these technologies, we develop tailored solutions that not only optimize light steering and energy efficiency but also open up aesthetic design possibilities. We place great emphasis on the harmonious interplay of functionality and design.

A holistic approach plays a central role in our development process. In close collaboration with manufacturers, we consider not only technical aspects but also manufacturability. This enables us to create economically efficient light guide solutions that meet the highest standards and comprehensively fulfill the requirements of our customers.

Imaging Optics for Projection Systems

cor light is your expert for the development of advanced imaging optical systems, especially for projection systems.

Unmatched System Efficiency: Our expertise lies in creating imaging optical systems with outstanding system efficiency. We understand that efficiency is not only a matter of performance but also of resource utilization. Our customized solutions are characterized by maximum light output and minimal energy losses to ensure that your projection systems not only deliver brilliant images but are also environmentally sustainable.

Perfect Imaging without Compromise: At cor light, we strive to minimize optical aberrations to an absolute minimum. Our experience in optics development combined with the latest optical design software ensures that every detail is reproduced with sharpness and contrast. Whether it’s correcting distortions, chromatic aberrations, or other imaging errors, our solutions set new standards in optical quality.

Development of Spot Lenses

Spotlights with rotationally symmetric or elliptical radiation characteristics are particularly popular in architecture, sports, and medical lighting. Depending on the beam angle, very high light intensities and thus high illumination levels can be achieved. The design of spot lenses is one of our core competencies. Our spot lenses feature innovative technology to ensure the highest optical efficiency.

Total Internal Reflection for Unmatched Efficiency: Our spot lenses utilize the physical effect of total internal reflection to precisely direct and focus light rays. This innovative design enables maximum light output, allowing you to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency for your products. Whether in stage lighting, industrial applications, or other fields—our spot lenses set new standards in terms of light performance.

Narrowest Beam Angle for Targeted Illuminance: With our spot lenses, the limits of what is physically possible can be pushed. With a spot lens limited by the etendue of the light source, the narrowest beam angles and maximum light intensities can be achieved. By precisely controlling the light cone, we enable targeted and effective illumination while minimizing unwanted stray light. Whether it’s about highlighting specific areas or achieving accentuated lighting—our spot lenses offer you maximum control over light distribution.

Thermal Analysis

A robust thermal management system is fundamental for a high-performance and high-quality lighting system. To avoid costly and time-consuming physical prototypes, cor light relies on the latest methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. With the use of precise thermal computer models, we are able to analyze and optimize the thermal behavior of individual components to the entire luminaire. This enables us to analyze a multitude of different design variations in a short period, ultimately resulting in a product with the best possible thermal management.

Thanks to state-of-the-art computer software, we are able to consider external influences such as wind and solar radiation in the thermal optimization process. Additionally, we can provide detailed representations of all involved components, starting from the luminaire housing and ambient air, down to the performance of the smallest components such as LED junctions.

Whether it’s a purely passive cooling concept utilizing convective cooling or a design with active cooling, we guarantee a heat management solution optimized for your needs. cor light is your reliable partner for the thermal optimization of your lighting system.

Development of Lighting Units

As a leading company in the field of optics development, cor light stands for groundbreaking solutions and unparalleled expertise. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals combines technological know-how with creative vision to develop unique optical solutions that set standards.
Amidst the constant progress in optical technology, our focus lies on the development of advanced lighting units. A complete lighting unit at cor light encompasses not only the selection of a suitable light source with excellent optics but also a customized circuit board and, if necessary, a well-thought-out cooling profile—all from a single source.

We understand that each use case is unique. Therefore, we offer customized solutions tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. Whether it’s special light spectra, form factors, PCB layouts, connection requirements, or cooling needs—we develop holistic solutions that exceed your expectations. We also place particular emphasis on the easy mechanical, electrical, and optical integration of the lighting unit into your system.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we ensure that every lighting unit, circuit board, connector, and cooling profile meets the highest quality standards. Our comprehensive quality control ensures that each unit operates reliably and precisely. We are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet current standards but are also future-proof.

Selection of Suitable Light Sources

In the world of optics development, the light source is more than just a source of brightness. The size, intensity, and color homogeneity of the light source directly influence the performance of the optics. Accordingly, the selection of suitable light sources is an integral part of our service. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies, particularly LEDs.

LEDs not only offer impressive energy efficiency but also exceptional durability and flexible application possibilities. In most applications, they provide us with the perfect tool not only to finely tune the color temperature and color rendering of light but also to control the uniformity and precision of illumination. This enables us to develop optics that are not only functional but also aesthetically and qualitatively outstanding.

Optimized Lighting Design

houghtful lighting design is more than just the selection of luminaires. It influences the atmosphere, productivity, and energy consumption in your illuminated spaces. Our experienced team of optics specialists relies on innovative technologies to ensure optimal light distribution in your project. In doing so, we not only create compliant and pleasant working environments but also maximize energy efficiency.

With our in-house developed software for optimal lighting design, we can create different scenarios for you. We can incorporate various optimization objectives, such as acquisition cost, ongoing costs, or CO2 footprint, with desired weightings.

The result: a compliant, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lighting solution that simultaneously minimizes your costs.

Development of Optical Components for Sensors

cor light is the right partner for the development of high-quality optical systems. Our expert team specializes in the development of advanced optical sensors tailored to the specific needs of a variety of industries. We understand that each application is unique—which is why we support our clients from feasibility studies to finalized specifications.

If you need a finished serial product, we can work together with our partners to meet even the strictest requirements. Technologically advanced manufacturing facilities are operated by qualified technicians with years of experience in optical system production. This allows us to develop sensors from plastic or glass.

We are also committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service: our team is available at all times to answer any questions you may have! Learn more about our products and services or discuss your needs with one of our experts.