LS 35


Street lighting unit

Optimized for the S-classes of street lighting in accodance with EN13201; small streets like pedestrian and bike ways.

  • Typical ratio of 9 for pole distance to mounting height
  • Typical ratio of 0.75 for length of the illuminated field forward to mounting height
  • Numerous options for attaching and configuring
  • Power rating up to 600 mA, dimmable
  • Highest system efficiency
  • Sustainable and future-oriented
  • Multichip technology
  • ESD-protection
  • CRI 70 min

Lens optics

Assembly structure

Cross section

Radiation characteristics

Intensity distribution

Illuminance distribution


Variant 01: Side cable

Article no.: VF 35V
Rated IP67

Variant 02: Cable underneath

Article no.: See table + variant
Rated IP67 in combination with mounting profile

Mounting profile (optional)

Suitable for lighting units of variants 01 and 02

3 mounting profile

Article no. 40 20000 10